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College of Informational & Mathematical Sciences

  • Our degree programs in Computer Science, Information Technology and Mathematics provide preparation for high demand (and high salary) careers.
  • The Master of Archival Studies is a fully online program to prepare professionals for careers in archives and records management.
  • Programs in mathematics at the undergraduate and graduate levels prepare students for initial secondary teaching certification.
  • Our students have opportunities for community engagement, experiential learning/ and internships with local partners and industry.
  • Faculty are actively involved with our students, providing mentoring and direction of undergraduate research projects.
  • Our outreach in STEM, robotics, and computing provide fun and engaging activities for middle and high school students in our community.


Hello. My name is Lein Tran. What I like most about the math department is that the professors are very hands-on. It's not just theory. Here at Clayton State, everything we learn in class has real-world applications.

The professors are very knowledgeable, as well as very accessible. They have a lot of office hours. However, if you aren't able to make it to the office hours, you can actually make appointments with them.

Well, at Clayton State, technology is a very integral part of our learning experience.

We mainly use iPads and laptops. And in the classroom, we use a lot of GeoGebra, which is one of the apps that is on the iPad. The app is actually free for the students. So when you are home, you can actually use it without having to pay anything.

What I like most about the computer science program here at Clayton State is the ability to be on the front lines of change. Technology is rapidly changing the world around us. And to be able to be part of that, as a student, learning, and then to use the opportunities from Clayton State to go into the professional world and be on the front lines of that change, I think is really powerful, and I love it.

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