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  • Alumni engagement includes group of alumni coming together for various social events and community service projects. More information regarding the Alumni Association can be found here.
  • Their engagement impacts students of Clayton State in every stage: new incoming students, current students, and future alumni of Clayton State. They have a tremendous impact on recruiting future students.
  • Around 20,000 of the 25,000 alumni are currently close by in the metro Atlanta area.
  • Alumni work with current students in various aspects such as mentorship programs and career advising.
So the Alumni Association at Clayton State is a group of individuals who of course all went to and graduated from Clayton State. It's a great group of people who are passionate about Clayton State, who are passionate about their community, come together for social events. They get together for community service projects, they get together to help impact their alma mater, but as well help impact the future of what Clayton State will be through students, both the ones that are currently here at Clayton State currently studying, but also the ones that are coming along the way to help them to recruit future Clayton State Lakers is really important for the Alumni Association.

So we have about a little over 25,000 total alumni, but the great thing is we have about 20,000 of them right here in the Atlanta area. The Clayton State Alumni Association works with students right now in ways such as alumni panel. So bringing alumni back to campus or bringing them back virtually to talk about their careers and how their careers started at Clayton State. We also have mentorship program with Clayton State. So alumni that are working with current students trying to make sure that they have all their questions answered about their career development, or even things such as interview help and resume writing. But we also have programs with mentorship where alumni are mentoring other alumni, so especially those younger alumni that are just kind of getting their foot in the door. So whether they're, you know, current students or younger alumni, they make sure that we're always kind of looking out for each other. In the Clayton State Alumni Association, we talk all the time about the relationship that you have with Clayton State does not end when you walk across the stage.

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