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  • Transfer students have access to all of the resources and opportunities available on campus.
  • Advisors are ready to make sure transfer students are on track for graduation.
  • The various organizations and departments on campus allow transfer students to socially transition to campus right away and get involved early.
  • Housing for upperclassmen includes Laker Village, with 4-bedroom apartment layouts and additional amenities, such a personal bathroom and full kitchen. More information regarding Laker Village can be found here.
  • Average class size is around 22:1.
  • Career development is incorporated into academic programs.
We have a lot to offer transfer students as well. Transfer students can immediately get involved in all of these student life opportunities that we offer. So we don't want for them to feel like when they get here, they're having to start all over. We want to meet them where they are, and help them to continue to develop and move on on their path towards graduation.

Transferring to Clayton State would probably be one of the best things I did academically. It put me back on track to graduate on time. I've made friends, I've joined organizations, I've become an RA, which is such a great thing. I would say I got involved very quickly, I went to, I want to say club rush where they had like all the different organizations on Main Street. They know basically, they know you're the new kid, so they're like, hey, you should come join this, you can join that, we're doing this so I feel like it's very easy to get involved. The upperclassmen housing options are the apartment complex Laker Village. You get to choose from Phase One or Phase Two and more amenities as far as the pool, the stove, as well as the fully furnished living room with three pieces of furniture and a table as well. As a transfer student, class sizes are pretty normal, I would say 22. The most I've seen for a class online would be 60.

The Office of Career Services is fortunate to be able to have experience with most of our transfer students because we actually have embedded career management here at Clayton State. Immediately they get access to career development through their departments.

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