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  • Auxiliary services include the Loch Shop, Dining Services, Laker Card Office, vending program and printing program.
  • The Loch Shop, in partnership with Barnes & Noble, is the official campus bookstore. Visit the Loch Shop online here.
  • Students can get their university ID at the Laker card office located next to Lakeside Dining. Students can also find more information regarding their Bankmobile card as well as meal plans.
  • Dining Services offers a variety of eateries on campus, as well as the ability to meet a multitude of dietary restrictions.
  • Meal plan options include Blue Plan, Blue+ Plan, Starter Plan, 75+ Plan and Dining Dollar Plan. See the different dining plans here.
The Clayton State University auxiliary services department includes the Loch Shop, which is the campus bookstore. It also includes the dining service program, which is our dining hall and our retail restaurants. We also have the Laker Card Center, which is the place to get your student ID. It includes the vending program and the student printing program on campus.

The Loch Shop is Clayton State University's official bookstore. We've partnered with Barnes and Noble to ensure that we have an excellent product mix so that you can get all your Clayton State gear and swag and be full of school spirit while you're on campus. The Laker Card Center is located right next door to the Lakeside dining hall. This is the place where students can get their university issued ID. They can get questions answered about their bank mobile card and they can also get questions answered about meal plans.

Our dining hall can meet a multitude of dietary restrictions or different issues that students may have. And then we can also customize a student's specific plan based on the needs that they may have. We offer several different types of meal plans for students. We have the Blue plan and the Blue Plus plan. The smallest plan that we offer is the Starter plan which comes with 5 meal swipes and then the larger plan that we offer is the 75+ plan which comes with 75 Meal Swipes and 125 dining dollars. We also have dining dollar only plans, which come in increments of $25, $100, and $250.

Auxiliary services is committed to providing an excellent customer service experience to all of our students for the duration of their time with us at Clayton State University.

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