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  • Adult learners can access resources from Career Services on changing careers, transition to higher positions, and much more with 1-on-1 coaching services and personalized development plans
Some of the challenges that students come into Clayton State face is that they have multiple areas of responsibility. They have family, they have jobs, and so it can be a challenge to juggle all of those aspects and decide to finish college degree. Adult learners are definitely able to find the Office of Career Services. Many of their departments have imbedded career management and so they are told about our services upfront. Most of our adult learners want us to help them either re-career or transition to a higher position. And we're able to do that with either student. Each student will get select and personal career development. We will meet with them one on one in a career coaching appointment to find out exactly what specific needs they have. And once we ascertain what those are, we start the process of coaching them to whatever career journey they have. It makes me proud to work at Clayton State and assist our students in overcoming those obstacles and see them achieve success, specifically career success when they can come out on the other side of the journey with a position that they are very proud of.
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