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Why choose Clayton State?

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Freshman Student Experience

  • Mid-size campus allows for personalized attention and student-centered experiences.
  • Housing for freshmen includes 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment at Laker Hall. Students have their own bedroom and share a bathroom with one other roommate. More information regarding Laker Hall here.
  • Variety of campus events and organizations allow for diversity and inclusion. For information on clubs and organizations, visit Campus Life website here.
  • Competitive cost of attendance
  • Student forums and town halls allow students to voice their feedback and develop strategies for solutions
  • Students are prepared for being global citizens
  • Variety of resources allow students to learn how to network and succeed in their careers
The best thing about being on this campus is our small community feel. We are considered a mid sized campus, but we are a walking community and we are very student centered here.

The living setup for incoming freshmen will be a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom suite. And we use the term suite because you get your own room but you have to share a bathroom with one other person. I would say the best part about living on campus as a freshman would be everything, if you ask me. You get to meet so many different people, so many different personalities. That would be one of the top things because they push you to get involved. The per credit hour tuition rate means that you pay for the amount of credits that you're taking. So I feel like tuition is very, very affordable for Clayton State compared to other schools.

We offer a lot of student forums and town halls to get student's opinions and feedback about various things. And then we work as a community to solve problems and create solutions. I think that the campus experience is important because this is a microcosm of the real world. And so when they get out in the real world, I believe that this experience prepares them to network. It prepares them for communication. It prepares them for team building and to be able to handle the unexpected. Students who come here leave here well prepared to be global citizens and to make a difference in their communities.

So in Career Services, we encourage incoming freshmen to first get to learn all of the resources that are available here at Clayton State. We have many departments that are ready to serve them because getting involved in clubs and organization teaches them how to begin the process of networking, which employers love. The art of networking is going to get them to that next step of being comfortable talking with employers.

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