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Dual Enrollment Experience

  • An opportunity for high school students to take college courses while also fulfilling their high school graduation requirements.
  • Graduate from college sooner and save money! Our program has high percentages of pass rates and is one of the largest Dual Enrollment populations in Georgia.
  • Students can take classes at the main campus in Clayton County (Morrow), our Fayette County site (Peachtree City), the Henry County site (McDonough), or online.
  • Courses are transferable college credits to any University System of Georgia (USG) institution
  • More information regarding the program can be found here.
Dual enrollment is an opportunity for high school students to take college courses while still fulfilling their high school graduation requirements. When it comes to benefits for dual enrollment, oftentimes students see the benefit as far as saving time and the parents have seen the benefits for saving money. And the program is free, the books are taken care of, and tuition is taken care of. We kind of pride ourselves on our pass rate, also our ABC pass rate, which is well above 9%. So that kind of gives you an idea that we indeed know what we're doing here at Clayton State University. We have one of the largest dual enrollment populations and I think that's also a testament of how much time we put into servicing our students and making sure that they have the highest of higher education.

As far as location, the dual enrolled student can enroll to take a class with Clayton State University. They have a multitude of options. They can either, A. take classes here at the main campus located in Morrow, Georgia, they can take classes at our Fayette site, or in our Henry location which is in McDonough, or they can also take classes online. So whatever is most convenient for them, they definitely can find a site that's most accommodating to their situation.

Transferable credit. That's probably one of the biggest opportunities or advantages rather for a dual enrolled student. The benefit in whatever class they take with us, that class would transfer to any other USC institution. And let's say for instance, their heart is set on going to another USC institution, well those classes and courses and credits aren't lost. Those classes and credit will transfer with that student. Overall, dual enrollment is something that a student will definitely want to invest in because the return is definitely going to be the biggest thing they most likely ever see.

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