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  • Full-time certified police department operating on-campus 24/7.
  • Consists of police officers, dispatchers, security personnel and various student workers.
  • Services include campus patrol, safety escort, training classes, and more
  • RAVE Guardian app allows Public Safety to track your location on campus whenever you need.
The Department of Public Safety is a full-time certified police department that operates on campus of the State University, 24 hours 7 days a week. We consist of police officers, dispatchers, civilian personnel, and we have a work study, students that work with us. The Department of Public Safety offers various police services. Our traditional service that most people know about is of course, our campus patrol. Additionally, we offer escort. There are times where students, faculty, or staff are leaving the building late at night and don't want to walk by themselves. So we're happy to respond to the scene and escort them to their office. We put on training classes for self defense. So it's a multitude of things that we do to make sure that our faculty, staff, and students understand safety when it comes to a campus environment.

The RAVE Guardian app is basically an app that you use while you're on campus. It locates where exactly you are on campus. If you don't feel safe you can just let them watch your location as you're walking to class or from class. It makes me feel more secure because last year, I would be walking from the campus back to Laker Village and I would be scared, I would have to call someone like, "Hey, could you stay on the phone with me?" Versus now I could just walk out of class and go into a RAVE Guardian. It's just the sense of security like okay, I'm safe. If anything happens, they will know, they're following my location. So RAVE Guardian is a great, great, great addition to the security as far as public safety goes. They did a great job of adding the app. I really like the app. 10 out of 10 I love it.

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