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Why choose Clayton State?

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Commitment to Academic Success

  • Student Affairs has 12 departments to provide the highest quality programs including tutoring, Veterans Resources, Advising, and the Student Activities Center.
  • Our Clayton State AmeriCorps members have served more than 130, 000 hours of community service.
  • More than 65 recognized student organizations.
  • Eight recognized Fraternity & Sorority Chapters.
  • The Public Safety department ensure security is a high priority to maintain a safe campus for everyone.
  • Our faculty is a diverse group that is committed to the pursuit of scholarship and academic success among our students.


Hi. My name is Darnell, and I'm a computer science major. The Center for Academic Success provides a great place for students to come and collaborate with their classmates and study.

We offer tutoring services in over 100 different subjects, from notoriously hard math and science courses to our general common core. We also provide workshops that help college students achieve their goals and become successful.

What I like about being a tutor is that I like the fact that I can actually help people and make a difference in their lives, and be able to help them with a subject that they may have not even come close to getting help with.

Hi. My name is Sherwin James. And I'm the assistant director for the Center for Advising and Retention. Academic advising is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but more so, a genuine, professional relationship between an advisor and an advisee, to discuss academic, career, and personal goals.

I enjoy what I do, because I feel like it's a rewarding experience. I enjoy meeting with the students and learning about their background, and providing as much insights as I can to allow them to become successful while in college.

Hi. My name is Virginia Bonner, and I'm Professor of Film Studies. There are any number of ways that we give individual attention to students. There are some smaller internship classes. Smaller class sizes really help with being able to pay attention to students individually, and office hours, lots of one-on-one attention there.

Oh, Clayton State's a wonderfully unique place to teach. I think its diversity is one of the key components that makes it fundamentally unique. We have an incredibly diverse student body, in terms of race, in terms of gender, in terms of age-- a lot of nontraditional students who are coming back to school.

That kind of diversity really sparks a lot of energy. Our discussions are always amazing, because so many different people are bringing so much to the discussion.

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