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Why choose Clayton State?

Student Success

Student Life

Campus Diversity

Ease of Transferring & Class Flexibility

  • Student Affairs has 12 departments to provide the highest quality programs including tutoring, Veterans Resources, Advising, and the Student Activities Center.
  • Our Clayton State AmeriCorps members have served more than 130, 000 hours of community service.
  • More than 65 recognized student organizations.
  • Eight recognized Fraternity & Sorority Chapters.
  • The Public Safety department ensure security is a high priority to maintain a safe campus for everyone.
  • Our faculty is a diverse group that is committed to the pursuit of scholarship and academic success among our students.


I chose Clayton State University because it is an absolutely beautiful campus. It's also convenient to my home. There's only a 20-minute drive for me to get here, and I don't have to fight traffic.

The transfer process was relatively easy, coming here to Clayton State. I applied online, submitted my transcripts from the online university I attended, and they let me know within two weeks. I was processed and admitted into Clayton State.

The course offerings here at Clayton State are phenomenal. They are very flexible, in that I can take a 100% online course, 100% in-class, or I can take a hybrid course, that is both online and in-class.

I find the classes very flexible. You're able to choose your own schedule. If you want to choose online, you can.

Being a mother of two and a wife, it is very easy, here at Clayton State, for me to mold my schedule so that I can create a perfect balance between school life and home life.

I like the atmosphere that we have at Clayton State. Everybody is friendly. To me, it really feels like family, here at Clayton State.

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