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Hey. I'm Jessica Charman. I'm a sophomore here at Clayton State University, and I play on the women's soccer team. As an international athlete, Clayton State has done a lot for me. It's enabled me to come from England, to follow my dream, to play soccer, and to get a degree at the same time.

I chose to attend Clayton State because I wanted to continue at a competitive level. I wanted to attend a school that wasn't too big and wasn't too small. It was just the right size. And it allowed me to integrate into college life a lot more smoothly.

I'm really fortunate that I get a lot of support from both my coaches and my professors. The coaches keep in touch with our professors to make sure there's a really good link between the student athletes and the school. As someone that wants to combine both academic and athletic performance, it's ideal.

Being a student athlete at Clayton State is very fun. At same time, it's very hard work. And you have to be on top of your game at all times.

It's all worthwhile, because I've got all these great friends. And I'm always improving.

[? Atlanta ?] was very, very good for me to come here, and try to network with a lot of people and build a lot of great relationships.

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