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Career Services

  • Individual career counseling and coaching appointments for career, major, graduate school and internship searches
  • Career and industry nights
  • Resume critiques
  • Practice interviews
  • On-Campus interviews and recruiting
  • Workshops for clubs and organizations
  • Career testing
  • Alumni Career Coaching Day
  • Internships and career opportunities utilizing our online job board Laker CareerZone


Hello. I'm Tierra Melzar. I am an education student here at Clayton State, and I'm a junior. Career Services hosts a wide variety of seminars and workshops for our students. We first start off with a part-time job fair every semester, so students can find employment on campus and off campus. This year, we had about 16 employers come out to speak to our students.

There were a wide variety of majors, different employers. There were some people who were hiring on the spot for part-time positions, and some people who were looking for more entry-level positions for our students. It was a really great experience, a really great way to network and gain that career service experience.

The Career Services [? Center ?] helped me develop a better resume. They helped me become more comfortable with introducing myself to people and going after exactly what I want, professionally. They also helped me learn how to network and how to take meeting people and use it for my development professionally in my career going forth. So they absolutely helped me get more prepared for the workforce after I graduate.

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