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Why choose Clayton State?

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  • The main campus is just a mere 15 miles south of Atlanta which offers a wealth of engaging internship opportunities.
  • Students have many engaging learning opportunities on campus in the nursing simulation lab, working with patients in the Dental Hygiene Clinic, or opportunities to sing or play in the world-renowned Spivey Hall.
  • Clayton State is also the only university in the United States adjacent to both state and national archives facilities.


Getting hands-on training at Clayton State University is very easy.

Within my program, I see patients three times a week. There's not a patient that I don't see in my unit, that I don't gain experience or learn knowledge from.

The dental hygiene program at Clayton State works directly with the public, because as seniors, we're going to see actual patients and work with them.

Clayton State offers a lot to do with the community. I personally have interned with the Henry County Chamber of Commerce. And that really gave me a great insight on the public view in the community surrounding us.

I think the best way that you could take advantage of experiential learning is to collaborate with professors. There are so many professors on campus that have a wide variety of research interests and that are always looking for students to collaborate with.

The labs at Clayton State have prepared me for life after graduation, because they are exactly the way that we're going to see things in a real dental clinic after we graduate. So for example, all of the models that we work on for radiology are real skulls and real teeth so it's fit to scale, as if I was working with a real patient.

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