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Why choose Clayton State?

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  • Students at Clayton State represent 37 different countries from around the world.
  • There are eight homegrown Study Abroad programs with many other University System programs available.
  • With more than 65 recognized student organizations there are many diverse options for student involvement.

Clayton State offers a variety of study-abroad programs.

Growing up, I came from a very small town, a very small place. And here at Clayton State, it's more diverse. So I wanted to experience that diversity a little bit more and take it to the next level to an international trip to Costa Rica. And when I went to Costa Rica, it opened my mind to different experiences to show that everything's not as small here, or where I grew up, as.

When I studied abroad, I realized that I have more of a passion helping people with social issues and humanitarian affairs.

We had an opportunity to visit Ecuador. They had a Latin-American conference in Ecuador. The experience was academically challenging for the students that were there, but it changed my total world perspective just being there and having that experience. Never would have thought I would have gotten that at Clayton State. I mean, really, it's just really an experience that I'll probably never forget.

I came to Clayton State because other friends of mine and family have graduated from Clayton State. And it has benefited them. And it was probably the best school of my choice.

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