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  • Students at Clayton State represent 37 different countries from around the world.
  • There are eight homegrown Study Abroad programs with many other University System programs available.
  • With more than 65 recognized student organizations there are many diverse options for student involvement.


Hello. I am Alexander Ramirez. I am a junior. I study legal studies at Clayton State University. Clayton State is a diverse school.

And it's diverse because of the people we have here.

Being a psychology major, you have to learn about different backgrounds. There's a lot of multicultural aspects.

I have the opportunity to learn from others and their cultures, of something I didn't know. It keeps me open-minded.

When you look around, you just don't see a certain set of students. You see a diverse pool of students. And that just builds a lot of camaraderie amongst all of us.

Some of the ways that I can broaden my own cultural diversity at Clayton State has been by the community people that are involved here. That has really helped me to realize just how much the community is involved at Clayton State.

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