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The retention rate for graduate programs at Clayton State are exceptionally high. I would put the number at a ballpark of about 90%. And the reason why we are at that kind of level compared to other institutions is because we have extremely close mentoring, great advising for our students. Clayton State University's unwaveringly committed to student outcomes and student success. Faculty spend a lot of time making sure that they explain what the structure of the program means and the courses are and how to prepare them for the working career and jobs.

We have multiple graduate programs here at Clayton State, and each one has a little bit of different graduation rates. For instance, in the College of Health, we have a nursing master's degree and we have master's of health administration. Both of them have almost 100% graduation rate. We screen our candidates very carefully. And so we work with them very hard to make sure that they graduate.

A whole variety of professionals come to the classroom to work with the students. Recently, actually, a bunch of executives from Coca-Cola came to our College of Business class. Students are also asked to come and visit companies outside the classroom. So they are taken on field visits and learn on the job. Our students are frequently told to start thinking about how they would apply the skills and concepts that they learn in the class the very next day at work. Company professionals keep telling us that our students are exceptionally ready to contribute to the job from day one.

Our graduates are highly recruited by industry and corporate America. We have seen this by the high demand for our graduates and by the positions that they have taken in the industry.

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