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Hello, my name is Patricia Todebush. And I am the department chair of chemistry and physics at Clayton State University. The new science building is unique in that we have a lot of research labs that allow students hands-on experience with doing experimentation.

We have state of the facilities, including instrumentation like GC mass spec and Raman spectrometers. Downstairs in biology, we have a cold room as well a vivarium. And, again, it's all for our undergraduate students. In all of our science programs, we have a lot of emphasis on undergraduate research.


Hi, I'm Elliot Krop. And I'm an associate professor of mathematics here at Clayton State. So I think that the math program is unique at Clayton State because I see a lot of great research that's done with advanced undergraduate students.

I've been able to do research with 15 or 16 students in the last couple of years. And many of those things have gone on to publish papers in refereed publications, have gone on to graduate school. So it's been a really inspiring and uplifting experience. And it's also been the highlight of the undergraduate student teacher experience that I've had.

Hello, I'm Zovon Lee-Mannah, a senior in computer science. A unique trait that I appreciate about the College of Information and Mathematical Sciences here at Clayton State is that our classes are fairly small. You get to move forward with a group of peers that you'll recognize from class to class.

And you'll be able to build those bonds and networking connections, as well as being able to have a more intimate relationship with your professors, and get to know them on a personal level, and they know you. Everyone's very accessible. Everything being closely knit, very personable are all definite pros to a small campus like Clayton State.


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