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I'm Linda Sayseng, and I'm a film student at Clayton State University. Within the Film and Communication Media Studies, they have offered things like directing. We even have our own film studio that's pretty exciting to go to and actually have hands-on experience within that program.

From what I've seen, Clayton State has become very popular for filming on campus. They did Captain America here, The Boss, and they even shot Vampire Diaries here. I had the opportunity to work on the set of Captain America when they shot here. And it gave me a glimpse of the real film world. And I was able to see how everything works and how much goes into putting a film together.

Students here have so many opportunities to get involved with projects here on campus. So we had opportunities, plenty of times, of being camera operators for something small, or even being a PA for a large filming project here on campus.

It's very beneficial, knowing that I'll have this experience when I graduate.

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